I Made This… Simplicity 1693

I have been sewing off on an for a while. Mostly, I would make things for my daughter. Toddler dresses and outfits have been my favorite things to make. I love choosing whimsical fabrics and dressing up designs with my own embellishments. Another nice thing about making dresses for three year old is fit. A dress doesn’t have to fit a three year old perfectly in order to be cute. Whereas if I make a dress or top for myself, the fit is pretty important.

I recently set a new goal, to make some things for myself. I wanted to work on fit, fabric choice and finishing techniques. I wanted to start out simple, so I wouldn’t get frustrated right away. (Sewing frustration is the worst!)

The pattern I chose is Simplicity 1693. I had this one in my stash, so I was excited to start. I made view F, since it seemed the most basic.Simplicity_1693_2

My fabric selection was not chosen because I thought it would work best with the top, but because I liked the print…Maybe not the best reason to choose a fabric, but I went with it. The fabric was purchased at Hobby Lobby at a great price. I used some teal/blue bias tape I had on hand for the arm and neck holes.

This is my first project making something for myself, so I know there is a lot of room for improvement! Here is Simplicity 1693 View FSimplicity_1693

Pattern: Simplicity 1693



Fabric: Hobby Lobby 

Have you used this pattern? I would love to see your work! Leave a comment with a photo and show off your version on Simplicity 1693. It’s such an inspiration to see what other sewers are up to!


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