Buying Small…Starting Small

I love the idea of buying something from an individual rather than a huge company. I believe most of us feel this way, but the way the world is set up today makes it hard to only purchase small and/or locally. It takes a lot of time and research to find local options, made by creative and hardworking individuals right in your neighborhood.

Having two young children, for me a trip to the grocery store for dinner basics can feel overwhelming and daunting. I’d rather speed through the store and throw things into my cart than go from place to place picking up local cheese, bread and milk.

Although my current way is easier, I feel compelled to buy small. Not only is buying farm fresh produce healthier and better for the environment, it would be great to support these local business in my area. My desire to support small business goes beyond food. I would love to buy a birthday present for a friend from a small shop, owned by a person who is supporting themselves and family with their own handwork and creativity.

As it is for most things in life, it is easier to start small. I can’t jump into buying small with everything in my life. My kids would revolt if I didn’t buy their favorite cereal. But I can start small! Some local honey, purchasing from a fruit stand or farmers market. And birthday gifts? I’ll buy off Etsy!

This will be where I’ll document my journey. Buying small and local a little at a time. Maybe a year from now these small choices won’t seem as daunting. A local shopping trip wont seem nearly as impossible. Afterall, to quote Lao Tzu , “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”


I Made This… Simplicity 1693

I have been sewing off on an for a while. Mostly, I would make things for my daughter. Toddler dresses and outfits have been my favorite things to make. I love choosing whimsical fabrics and dressing up designs with my own embellishments. Another nice thing about making dresses for three year old is fit. A dress doesn’t have to fit a three year old perfectly in order to be cute. Whereas if I make a dress or top for myself, the fit is pretty important.

I recently set a new goal, to make some things for myself. I wanted to work on fit, fabric choice and finishing techniques. I wanted to start out simple, so I wouldn’t get frustrated right away. (Sewing frustration is the worst!)

The pattern I chose is Simplicity 1693. I had this one in my stash, so I was excited to start. I made view F, since it seemed the most basic.Simplicity_1693_2

My fabric selection was not chosen because I thought it would work best with the top, but because I liked the print…Maybe not the best reason to choose a fabric, but I went with it. The fabric was purchased at Hobby Lobby at a great price. I used some teal/blue bias tape I had on hand for the arm and neck holes.

This is my first project making something for myself, so I know there is a lot of room for improvement! Here is Simplicity 1693 View FSimplicity_1693

Pattern: Simplicity 1693



Fabric: Hobby Lobby 

Have you used this pattern? I would love to see your work! Leave a comment with a photo and show off your version on Simplicity 1693. It’s such an inspiration to see what other sewers are up to!

Something New

I’ve been selling sewing patterns on Etsy since 2012! I really love it too. I like finding vintage sewing patterns that I have never seen before. Actually, this is becoming very rare for me, since I am constantly looking for new (vintage) patterns. It’s seems like I’ve seen them all. When a rare sewing pattern comes along it is quite exciting!

Recently, I’ve decided to expand the store selection a bit by selling new (modern) sewing patterns, as well a few pieces of fabric. Its been a fun start. I love searching for the perfect fabric to add to the store selection. I hope you find some of these fabric prints as adorable as I do! Here are a few prints available in the store. Don’t miss out, I only buy fabric in limited supply.


Apple Print 



Black and White Stripe with Rose Print



Nautical Navy Blue and Red Sailboat Print



Red and Pink Fabric Bundle



Bow Fabric Bundle

Made to Match

Now you can make your own clothes for your daughter’s American Girl doll! I am seeing so many cute patterns out there for dolls. Pretty much anything you can think of, dresses, coats, costumes, even historical clothes, there are all types of patterns to make doll clothes.

The latest trend has been matching outfits for your daughter and her doll. You can find some in stores, but its way more fun to create your own. Make a dress for your daughter and save some remnants for her doll! The holidays are coming up and I think it would be absolutely adorable to make matching Christmas PJ’s for my daughter and her doll.

Here are some pictures for inspiration. Also, many of these patterns are listed in my store. Let get to sewing!


Pattern available at Sewpatterns



Adorable pajama set available at


Both dresses available at Wild by Design Boutique 


Pattern available at Sewpatterns